Given a new chance to
change their lives,
underprivileged women from Paris
are selected for a culinary
training course in Chef Alain
Ducasse's professional
center and internships in his
famed restaurants as part of
the flagship Women With A
Future Initiative to combat
hunger and poverty.

Tuloy Foundation, Inc.


As one of the leading culinary institutions in the country, Alain Ducasse Institute Philippines at Enderun Colleges lends the expertise of its world-class chef instructors to beneficiaries of Tuloy Foundation, an organization that provides shelter and education to street children.

Youth with a Future aims to support and provide educational scholarships every year to a select group of culinary students of Tuloy Foundation. The beneficiaries have the first 8 months of their classes in Tuloy’s culinary center. Following an 8-month program in Tuloy Foundation’s campus, the students are exposed to further training at Alain Ducasse Institute Philippines for three months. With the strong internship and career placement program of Enderun Colleges, the school also extends support to the students in securing internships and job opportunities. The regular internship component of Youth with the Future lasts for three to five months.


A project of Alain Ducasse Education in France and Alain Ducasse Institute Philippines at Enderun Colleges, Youth with a Future was inspired by the "Women with a Future" initiative of award-winning chef Alain Ducasse. "Women with a Future” offers the incredible opportunity to a select group of underprivileged women from Paris to be trained for a year in a specially designed culinary program. The training program concludes with an apprenticeship in one of Alain Ducasse’s restaurants.

Youth with a Future was launched in March 2014 through a successful charity dinner and auction held at Enderun Colleges with Alain Ducasse as the guest of honor. After which, ten scholars from Tuloy Foundation were chosen to receive culinary training for three months at Alain Ducasse Institute Philippines. In June 2014, the students graduated, and were awarded with a Certificate of Culinary Arts from Alain Ducasse Education in France.

Now on its 3rd year, the Youth with a Future initiative has placed its graduated scholars in different restaurants and hotel properties around the globe, with the help of Enderun Colleges’ career services office and its 250 active industry partners. Out of the 20 former scholars, 8 are employed in Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach, 1 in a cruise ship, and 11 placed in restaurants in the Philippines including Vask, Cirkulo, Cafe 1771, Tamarind Thai Restaurant, Prego Ristorante, ArroZeria and Restaurant 101.

Youth with a Future is a long-term initiative of Alain Ducasse Education in France and Alain Ducasse Institute Philippines. Another batch of scholars from Tuloy Foundation’s culinary center will be accepted in April 2017.


Alain Ducasse Education
Alain Ducasse, a celebrated chef and restaurateur who holds 21 Michelin stars, established Alain Ducasse Education in 1999 to transmit his knowledge to other professionals who, like him, aim for excellence. He expands his reach to educate the next generation of top culinary professionals with skills of high standards by opening the doors to his award-winning establishments and global networks.

Alain Ducasse Institute Philippines
Alain Ducasse Institute Philippines, located at Enderun Colleges, is the first Ducasse Institute outside of France and its regional hub in Southeast Asia. Its culinary and pastry art programs are led by its distinguished faculty.

Through his culinary training programs, Alain Ducasse’s social responsibility projects aim to contribute to the global fight against poverty. Alain Ducasse Institute Philippines at Enderun Colleges and Alain Ducasse Education in France jointly decided to pick Tuloy Foundation as the beneficiary of their first charity program together. Tuloy Foundation caught the attention of both institutions because of its rich advocacy, which is to reintegrate street children into mainstream society through a comprehensive program of caring, healing, and teaching.

Recipients of Youth with a Future will get the chance to change their lives forever by learning the true craft of cooking from the world-class chefs of Alain Ducasse Institute Philippines.

Fight Poverty Through Culinary Education

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You may also contact Angel Cordero at (632) 856-5000 local 574 or email

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